Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

What you get

By becoming a Pryme Bridge beta user you get a secure vault that will house all our supported coins.

Contained inside your vault is:

  • A free Bitcoin address
  • A free Dogecoin address
  • A free Digital Pound address
  • Access to a Money Network where any and all transfers between other clients are free, in any supported currency.
  • Trade currencies between users. Sell, swap or by your crypto assets with real market orders.
  • Access to fixed income investment plans. (Coming soon)

Our Money Network

Access to our money network is free, our users are able to send any balance in any currency to any user for zero fee and there is zero need to wait, think PayPal. This helps us scale by allowing investors the opportunity of using their balances as a rapid payment tool for goods and services outside of the crypto an fiat rails. You are also able to trade crypto and fiat between users.

Access to fixed income investment plans

We are in the process of setting up flow agreements with low risk borrowers that will allow them to access our crypto assets for a fee, this fee is then past on in the form of interest to our customers. The aim is to offer the best passive investment strategies for our users who will be given the option of allocating funds to these borrowers via an investment plan. It is envisioned that, once you sign up to an investment plan your balance is reduced and allocated to the investment pool. Your account is then credited with interest weekly.

What we need from you

While we are in stealth mode, we need beta testers to use the site as they would normally, deposits are 100% backed by the underlying asset so there is zero risk to the testers. We need feedback on glitches, bugs, pinch points of the user experience. All of this will help make PrymeBridge a success.

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